The Stirrings of Evil

Legend of the Troll Hunt Part 3

Day 3

After leaving Theurund, the party headed straight for Moonstair. Upon arriving, Tor decided to visit his Uncle Flint, who informed him of something that happened to him. His prize sword has been stolen. Flint suspects that it was done by a travelling Bard that recently arrived at the Village.
Tor and the gang start searching for this Bard and find him at the center of the Village performing for a very small group of villagers. After a very long talk, it was not the Bard, Mikal, who stole the sword, but another Bard pretending to be him.

After another search of the village, the party found out that this impostor has already left and was heading towards the ruins of Bavak. Hearing of this the party, now including the half-elf Mikal gave chase, hoping to catch up to this impostor.

Day 4

After the party arrived back at the ruins of Bavak, they started to look for the TrollHunt Warrens. Between Reggie and Tor, they were able to find the entrance. Inside they found a very sturdy looking door. Mikal knocked on the door. He tried to trick the trolls into thinking that he was delivering pizza. The Trolls may have been stupid, but they did not buy his story

Tor tried his luck and challenged the trolls to a duel. Accepting the challenge, the trolls let them in and sent for “Da Boss”. The party made quick work of the Trolls and pushed on.

The group then encountered an elderly troll and a big bear. The Troll was paying no attention to the party until Tor move a bit to close. The Troll summon some black fiery skulls which almost killed Odin and Reggie, the bear was squeezing the life out of Mikal. Then a panther pounced on the skulls allowing Reggie and Odin to free/heal Mikal. I had no idea where the panther came from until I notice that nothing was written down for Tor, therefore I put 1 and 1 together and worked out that Tor was the panther.

Anyway the very tired party is now resting, hoping not to encounter “da boss”…

Divine Master Yalper Hataccer


Hedron mrmc2

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