The Stirrings of Evil

The Chronicles III

Day 4, evening
So, the party went back to Westbush to have a sleep and to get more of that horrible meat and bread stuff. When they got there, the villagers were all shifty, and Stabby wanted to know why. After the sarcastic barkeep told Stabby to shove off, she went and talked to Old Eli, who told Stabby about a dream that he has been having over the last couple of days about darkness and death (love the recurring theme here Decider!). Stabby then went and chatted to Valdath, who told them he would look into the legend of an old keep near the village. Deciding that the only person in town that wanted to help was important (imagine that!), the party followed him home (in a good way). After throwing out some some old bowls (Valdath's, though why they all had little yellow ducks on them...) as an alarm system. Morrowind then went and hung from a tree to sleep, and Samash slept outdoors on the street (must be aiming at a hobo class) [Behave Amataya!].

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many

Day 5
In the morning, between them the party bought all of the available rations from a lovely halfling called Bairwin. After that, Morrowind, bought a book from Valdath, something about being kind. He paid a lot for it, so it must be a fascinating read. Anyway, Valdath told them a story about some guy called Hadgar. It was a good story, about the first King of Jegras. The best bit though is when he told the group that a portal to something they call the Shadowfell (us divine beings call it something much better, but I can't tell you!), and specifii, specalli, directly to a place that Orcus runs. Now Orcus is a big mean brute who hangs out with dead people. And not the fun dead people, their the ones that like to eat peoples. So after this tale, the party decided to go to the keep, and have a nose around.
At noon, the party got to the ruins of the keep. Wasn't much left, apart from some rubble, but some of it had been cleared from some steps going down (why do these adventurer types like going down?). So, when they got to the bottom, they were attacked but some goblins! Well sort of, the goblins ran away. Now's the best bit, when Tordek gave chase, he fell down a hole onto some rats! Then, whilst the others went charging off after the goblin, the goblins snuck up on them and shot them, well at them anyway. Everybody then played tag, until eventually all the goblins were deadified (love that word). The party then went exploring, not going down some stairs (stupid inconsistant mm.mmm.mmmmph) then finding some goblins playing cards. Now my lot got rude, they stole the goblins bell, and started to stab them. Well, they didn't like that (who does?) so they yelled and yelled and some more goblins showed up. Then there was a big fight, with people jumping onto tables, getting kicked off tables, and fire and ice and multi-coloured lights. This time, the party did really well, normally they flounder (why is a fish involved Decider? [...get back to work..], but this time they went smash, bang, boom, splat. Sorry, the goblins did that, the party went "die", and "by Moradin's Beard" and some other stuff that I don't get but the Decider thinks aren't quite suitable for a chronicle. But they won, and found some loot. Also, the Decider gave them all a extra time thingy, a umm.... action point. Though they have to move forward instead of taking a nap if they want to keep it.

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many


Hedron Hedron

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