The Stirrings of Evil

The Chronicles IX

Day 8

The whole lot had a very loooonnnnngg rest, then moved back through the chamber of trappy death and through some big doors into a dark room. In the dark room with their torches lit, the party fought off a horde of undead, including a nasty ghoul that paralyzed poor Tordek. Despite this, they destroyed the horde quickly, and in a little cave, Stabby found herself a nice new magic thingy, a bag of holding with some gold coins inside it. She gave the coins to Tordek to look after, then tied the _bag_ to her belt.
They then went into the next room, which was filled with blood! Standing at the back of the area was a tattooed human holding a dagger and singing praises to that big meanie, Orcus. When he saw the party, he charged forward. Unfortunately, so did Samash, who got surrounded by a pair of berzerking humans, who nearly killed poor Samash. Tordek quickly closed with the priest, and they proceeded to not hit each other. Morrowind and Kinsen quickly accounted for some nasty vampire spawn, and helped Stabby and Samash take down the berzerkers, then Stabby left Samash with Morrowind and Kinsen to help Tordek.
Stabby did better at hitting the priest guy than Tordek, and between them, they quickly killed the priest.
They then saw a little clay something dive down a down pit, calling out to Kaleral. After some taunting from Stabby, the party heard a voice from the depths, calling out "Get down here so I can kill you, or go away so I can finish opening the gate to the Shadowfell" Deciding that a open gate to the Shadowfell is a bad idea, the party slid down some chains into the chamber below, with Kinsen slipping off at one point, hurting himself. Now, my lot are at the bottom of the pit, in a large chamber, battered, bruised and tired, ready to kill the masty Priest of Orcus, Kaleral.

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many


Hedron Hedron

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