The Stirrings of Evil

The Chronicles, Part 1

Days 0-4

Day 0
I have been ordered by the Decider of Many to chronicle the events surrounding a group of people who will meet in the Shrine of Pelor in some mortal town called Fellwood. Oh, the indignity of it all! Me, a piece of the divine spark reduced to such a role!

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many

Day 1
So there I was floating invisibly in the air above the Shrine, when in walks the most boring looking collection of misfits I have ever seen! I supposed I had better describe them, hadn't I? The first to enter was a shabbily dressed human, wearing black robes and looking like he had just gotten out of bed! Then in walked a red scaled dragonborn, strutting like he owned the place, followed in by one of those underground people, what are they called.....Dwarves! Yes, one of those walked in, with a bright hammer and anvil of Moradin on his shield. Then some dog came in, I bet it's not house trained! Then was that silver haired eladrin, looking at what she could take that wasn't nailed down, and then deciding if the nails were worth anything!
So, to get back to the events (sigh), out comes Alina, the High whassit of Pelor, to offer the group something called "crowns" to look into something happing in some other mortal village called Westbush. How lazy is that! Though the promise of 250 "crowns" seemed to make the eladrins light up, and the others got that funny look that people get when offered melted rocks for services.
Oh, and I should mention that Alina said they needed to bring back proof before payment of whatever dark things that her seers had dreamed up. I mean, skulls and darkness, I really ought to have a word to the Decider of Many about that, how hackneyed.
Moving on, the sorry bunch took the job, and wandered their merry way out of Fellwood, heading west towards that little village, Westbush.

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many

Day 2
Well they walked, then walked some more, ate some food (looked horrible to me, but what do I care, I don't eat), then walked some more until the sun went down, then they had a sleep. How boring

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many

Day 3
Well, today was a bit more exiciting! Well, the evening was anyway, the bit before was the same walking, and more walking, then some of that strange biscuit and meat, then some more walking. But then, there were this little lizard things hiding on the road. Five of them looked pretty puny, but then there were two more with big shields (well, big on them, they were only 3ft tall) and swords, and then there was one with a sling. Well, my group (ughh, I need a better name than that), ran forward to do battle with them. It was great, there was magic stuff going everywhere, and that shifty eladrin stabbed a couple of them in the back! Not very nice mind, but it worked.
Fairly quickly my group (again that word!) killed them all, not getting too bruised in the process, due to some faith healing thingy by the dwarf. The party (that's a better word) did what all mortals seem driven to do, they took all the dead lizard things stuff! I know they don't need it, but that's pretty larcenous. Anyway, the party moved onto the village of Westbush, to get drunk I think, as they went into the town's tavern.
They then ate some food, this stuff looked better than that hard dried stuff they ate on the road, and they looked around the bar. The dragonborn and the dwarf went and had a chat to some well dressed bloke (Lord Esdrak) and a robed gentleman (Seer Valdath) about cult activity in the area. Lord Esdrak seemed to get quite agitated by this, and didn't seem happy about the way the dragonborn was talking to him, but he seemed to like the dwarf. Seer Valdath tried to calm down Lord Esdrak, and when he was doing so, the dwarf (must learn names...stupid mortals and their labels) noticed an elf trying hard to hear the conversation.
Well, the dwarf and the dragonborn stomped over (why do dwarves have to stomp?) to this elf, and after getting not very far, signalled over the eladrin. The elf and the eladrin (I sure there's a joke here somewhere) leaned closer to each other and had a whispered conversation. Apparently, the elf reckons that the cult is working in this town, and their base is somewhere behind a waterfall to the south east. So, my party split up, and went to different places to sleep.

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many

Day 4, til lunch
So, my party woke up at dawn, grouped themselves together, and walked down the road to towards the waterfall.
However I saw them, but they didn't, more of those little lizard people, hiding in the bushes. So my party was ambushed! Travesty! But they seemed to be ok after the original surprise wore off, and they proceed to... well battle isn't a word I would use, I would call it practice, as none of my group could hit anything for a while!
After a minute, they sorted themselves out, with the dwarf, (Tordek?), crying out to Moradin and mightly smiting at one of the lizards with the sneaky eladrin (Aralethiel? or is it Stabbyhammer?), trying to stab it in the back. And then there was the sorcerer guy (Kinsen?), throwing fire and stuff everywhere, it looked good and flashy, but didn't seem to be doing much, then he got it right and blew one of the lizard things with the shields away.
Oh, I forgot, there were two new kinds of lizard things, one that had a spear, and the other was wearing a nifty bone mask that looked like a dragon. I didn't think much about the spear lizard, but the one with the mask was shooting green gobs of stuff at everybody, including the elf-dog (Morrowind?), who was shooting stuff back at the masked lizard.
Then when the dragonborn (Samash?) got close, it breathed acid all over Samash. Then Samash retaliated and breathed fire all over him! I didn't know they could do that! Then it all seemed to go right, the little lizard things quickly got dead. They then stole all the dead things stuff (poor, poor dead lizards), before deciding what to do next.

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many


We also sold 5 of the original spears. Should we head back to town to sell stuff again, or keep going?

The Chronicles, Part 1
Hedron Hedron

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