The Stirrings of Evil

The Chronicles, Part 2

Day 4

Day 4, midday to evening
Well, the whole lazy lot of them had a sleep, (at midday no less!), then got up, ate some hard biscuity stuff, then walked off towards the waterfall. I thought it was a pretty waterfall, and the bit in front of it was nice as well, apart from more of those little yapping kobolds. My lot nearly got the drop on the ones outside, (I'll talk about the ones inside later), and once again they did battle. This went better than the last one, with most of my party (thats right mine!), doing better than last time they had a fight, except wassface, Morrowind got stuck to a tree, then I suppose the best way to describe it is farted on. What I thought was cool was that there was an old druid circle of standing stones near the waterfall, that still worked, that helped my party to hit the kobolds.
Well, after they killed all the kobolds, they took their stuff, with that dragonborn, Samash, looking like a porcupine with all those javelins strapped to him. Anyway, I digest, I mean digress, as the group knew there must be more of them about, so they sent Aralethiel, Morrowind and Samash to scout. Aralethiel and Morrowind did the stealth thing well, Samash not so much (I reckon it's the javelins), and while Aralethiel snuck close to see more of the kobolds without being detected, Samash tipped of the ones near him, who came to have a look.
This time, my lot got the drop on the enemy, and they killed a few of the kobolds quite quickly, although Aralethiel ran away screaming for some reason towards her companions not too long into the fight. I should have been paying attention, but I was enjoying watching kobolds burn, but apparently a thing called "Irontooth" had woken up, and sounded grumpy. I mean come on, I have yet to see a mortal who isn't grumpy after being woken up. Just the other day.... All right, Decider, I'll get back to the point...Hrumph. Anyway, my lot dropped most of the first wave of kobolds, and when the second lot came out, it was two of those dudes with the scaly shields and one of those priest guys. The shieldy guys knocked Morrowind out of his tree for a few seconds, then gave it up as a bad idea, and went to beat up Aralethiel and Kinsen. They did this whole shuffle dancing smashing thing for a while. Oh, and the priest kept shooting fire at Morrowind in his tree, but kept narrowly missing. However, the cool fight was between Samash, Tordek and Irontooth. They just kept hitting each other, and hitting each other. I reckon Tordek had the coolest attack, I mean a glowing radiant axe, right? Samash did cool as well, hitting Irontooth and talking inspirationally to everyone, they slowing killed Irontooth. It took the rest of the party helping to do it, after they had killed the shieldy guys and the priest, but they eventually did it, after a glitch in reality was discovered by the Decider of Many, which he then fixed.
My party, now exhausted, stole even more stuff, and they found a sweet piece of armor and some cash and a note, saying that some guy named Kaleral is responsible for the cult, there is a spy in Westbush, and he has almost opened a "rift" (whatever that is) for Orcus (not a nice person...demon, by the way). I feel sorry for Irontooth, so I think I will put some stuff about him into a separate book, I mean something that tough should be remembered.

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many


Dibs the armor, you guys can split the rest of the loot accordingly

The Chronicles, Part 2
Hedron Hedron

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