The Stirrings of Evil

The Chronicles VII

Day 7

After they had rested at the Inn, the party returned to the shattered keep. They quickly descended to the second level, where at the bottom of the stairs, they ran into some hobgoblins, who challenged them, expecting a password. The dwarf gave the password they had found in the note that they found on that horrible Nanaren. It was the wrong one! Bet that elf is laughing her head off at the party from wherever she ended up. The party had a hard fight then, but with some precision stuff from both Kinsen and Morrowind, and plenty of smashy smashy from Tordek and Samash, they won. They were really tired again, so they had another rest. After their rest, they went a exploring, and dropped a portcullis across one of the passages they wanted to go down. They instead went to another little room, with more hobgoblins, one of which signaled a huge group of them to attack. This group included a warcaster, a horrible thing that kept electrocuting Samash, and they had a archer too, who obviously hadn't faced a dwarf before, as he kept shooting his arrows over Tordek's head. After this fight, they went to the back to the portcullis, which they triggered again, and after hearing some insults whispered at them, Kinsen, Tordek and Stabby, rushed the portcullis, and bent the bars away so they could get through. The party then had another huge fight against some hobgoblins, one of which was a huge brute, who beat up Samash a lot, but after Tordek and Stabby had killed the little(r) hobgoblins, they helped to bring down the leader. Afterwards, they searched the chambers, and found a very nice shortsword, which Stabby claimed, and some little bits of loot.
~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many


Hedron Hedron

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