The Stirrings of Evil

The Chronicles X

Day 8

So they slid down the chains, into a pool of blood. Standing in a magical glowing circle was the mighty Kaleral, a pair of skeletons and a little floating clay thingy. Nearby, next to a ugly statue of Orcus, was a wight (or was it a weft?). Now the party split up and Tordek and Samash went after the wight, quickly killing it, using Tordek's mighty blessing of Moradin (a axe to the face must be a pretty powerful dwarven blessing!).
They then turned to assist the others, Stabby having done a masterful job of getting stabbed, burned clubbed and bitten by all of the things in the circle, and falling to the ground nearly dead. Samash then healed her, as well as Tordek, and they all dived in to fight the skeletons and the clay thing. They quickly got rid of the skeletons once they got them out of the circle, then Kaleral did something funny to reality, nearly killing everyone, and then a big hand came out of the portal (did I mention the portal) then Stabby tried to run away up the chains and was hit by Kaleral's beam thingy and and (breathe Amataya).
Anyway, at this point, Kinsen went off to look at the altar, after having failed to disrupt the magic circle (he went boom then whoosh then thump!), and Morrowind changed into a primal beast thingy and tried to help the others fight Kaleral. They had Kaleral surrounded, and still couldn't hit him, and things looked bleak.
Then, Kinsen breaked broked destroyed the urn thing with a dragon tooth in it, with turned off the magic circle, and weakened the portal with the arm thingy in it (I mentioned the arm of shadow didn't I? It is important in a minute). At this point, Stabby stopped having a breakdown, and rejoined the fight and nearly killed Kaleral. She didn't, Morrowind hit him with a pointy dagger and Kaleral died. Well maybe, as the thingy in the portal (I said it was important) reached out and grabbed his body and pulled it through to the Shadowfell.
They all breathed a sigh of relieve, then picked up all the loot including a nice magic dagger, then went back to town.
In town, the party were greeted with cheers as they found out that they had beaten Kaleral, and Sir Esdrak gave them some money. Then when they went in the inn, they saw Alina, who gave them some more gold, and congratulated them on a quest well done. She then said she needed to talk to them, once they had rested.
Now thats all from me for a while, I am getting a break, yay.

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many


Hedron Hedron

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