The Stirrings of Evil

The Chronicles XI

Day 9

After having a little sleep, the party got up and went downstairs to breakfast. There, Samash was bothered by a tattoed human staring at him. The Tatooed man got up and sat himself down at the party's table, still staring at Samash. Before Samash could ask the man what his problem was, Sister Alina from Fellwood appeared, and asked the party to find the captured villagers of Westbush. The party agreed, finished their food, and headed towards to Thunderspire Mount, one of the notable peaks of the Iron Hills, not too far from Tordek's home.

Day 10

Nothing happened, apart from a dragon flying overhead, giving the party a good look

Day 11
Today they reached the mountain. Before entering between the massive minotaurian statues, Stabby improved them. Now they have two sets of horns! They then went into the tunnels, and rescued a halfling (one that overvalued himself!) from some Bloodreaver Hobgoblins. The halfling took the party to his Aunt's Inn in the Seven Pillared Hall, where he bought them drinks and offered them room. After chatting, the party found out that the Chamber of Eyes is where the hobgoblins were operating from, and following the halflings directions, they found the Chamber. Here, the party climbed a wall, killed some goblins and hobgoblins, and had an ambush turned on themselves, where Samash nearly got pasted. Well mostly pasted. The party found some cool stuff, including a new Axe and Belt for Tordek. I am tired now, but then so was the party, so we all went and had a nap.

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many


Hedron Hedron

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