The Stirrings of Evil

The Chronicles XIII

Day 11
After searching the rest of the Chamber, and finding a note to Murklemor Grimmerzhul, the party returned to the Hall of Seven. There they had some beer, and tried to work out where to go next. It took some prompting, and several uncomfortable moments, but my lot (eventually) decided to investigate the Grimmmerzhul Trading Post.
When they went in, Stabby tried to bribe the duegar guard with a gem, and apparently not being enough value, and Stabby being Stabby, tried to speed up the investigative process by inserting her sword into the nearest guard. This led to a confined fight, where two more guards showed up, and as Kinsen dropped the first guard, a mage showed up, blinded and stunned most of the party, and fled with the guards out of the trading post.
Given that Stabby was badly hurt, they retired to the Halfmoon Inn and had a couple of ales to calm themselves before they went back, whilst Kinsen had a quick look around for loot.
The party then, well Stabby and Kinsen, decided to buy some potent liquor to make a exploding potion, to lob into the trading post to clear the way. The bought, for the princely sum of 100 crowns, a bottle of Tripleshoom Brandy, taste tested it, then went with a slightly intoxicated Smamash back to the trading post.
They found the post deserted, so Kinsen and Stabby had a short drinking game with the rest of the Tripleshoom, whilst Samash and Tordek had a hunt for clues. Tordek found another note addressed to Murklemor, this one about more provisions for merchandise, whilst Samash found a locked boxed. Knowing he couldn't open it, Samash gave the box to Stabby to open, and being drunk, failed to understand what she should be doing with it, she threw it against a wall.
After a quick discussion on what job she should be doing as a "funds management" person, she eventually jimmied the lock, where the party foumd 50 crowns, and a +2 magic orb.
Deciding that they were all too drunk to continue, the whole lot of them returned to the inn to sleep it off.

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many

Day 12
After waking up with a hangover, then curing with some "scale of the dragon", the party headed to the location mentioned on the note they had found in the Trading Post. As they entered into a large cavern, they noticed that the right side of the path dropped off sharply for a few hundred feet, and just ahead were three bastions, connected via bridges, hugging the chamber wall.
Deciding that stealth wasn't needed, Kinsen approached the portcullis set into the wall of the fortress on their side of the cave, and tried to sell the orcish guards that he was a delivery boy with a baked bread, cheese, tomato and meat product.
Normally, orcs aren't too bright, but one was apparrently clever enough to remember that Kedhira had come through a few hours before warning of a group of crazy people stabbing her guards. The orc guards promptly shot Kinsen full of bolts, nearly knocking him down, whilst they called for help.
Tordek rushed the portcullis, but couldn't force it up, until he noticed that the hinges opened the gate out towards him. Spying a lock, Stabby tried to help by picking it, and Samash charged forward to help Tordek open the portcullis. Artaius and Kinsen kept themselves busy by healing Kinsen, and shooting stuff back at the orcs who were putting spear shaped holes into Tordek and Samash.
Suddenly, Stabby got the lock open, and Samash, in a fit of over eagerness, threw the portcullis open, knocking Stabby back and giving her a nasty bruise. The orcs then charged out of the gatehouse, pushing the party back, and though my lot killed one orc and badly wounded another, Stabby got herself kicked off the edge of the cliff, but not before Samash got knocked out trying to reach her to help. Kinsen and Artaius decided that retreat was an excellent idea, so ran back toward the Hall of Seven. Tordek, in a valient effort to recover Samash, was also knocked out, and by the time Stabby managed to control her fall and climb back up the cliff, everybidy had vanished. Stabby headed back to the Hall of Seven to rejoin her friends, and found that Tordek and Samash hadn't returned as well.
Meanwhile, Tordek and Samash came around, stripped down to arming jackets, hanging upside down from leg irons, contemplating a way out.......

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many


Good times, good times.

The Chronicles XIII
Hedron Hedron

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