The Stirrings of Evil

The Chronicles XV

Day 14
After looking at the new duergar force, Samash and Tordek strode boldly into the room (though I think Samash is the only one who is bald) facing off against two duergar guards dad some strange crossbow appartus. After the opening round, they found themselves in trouble when the duergar mage lady from the Trading Post appeared, and started to throw fire at Samash. Also, at the same time, another magey dude appeared from behind the party, along with another guard, who proceeded to make Artaius and Kinsen's night bad, and Stabby's even worse by distracting them from the battle that Samash and Tordek were having. Eventually, heavily wounded, both Tordek and Samash managed to fall back enough to support each other and take some pressure off Stabby, who night wasn't improving that much, even when her allies started to drop the advancing duergar.
Things looked grim, until both the mage's were killed, then the party charged the crossbow thingys, (Stabby's night started to improve), and destroyed them.
Heavily beaten up and tired, the party had a quick look for loot, found some crowns and rubies, and had a nice long sleep.

~ Amataya, herald of the Decider of Many


Hedron Hedron

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