The Stirrings of Evil

The Legend of the Trollhunt

Day 1

The two Dawarves were walking down the road to Moonstair with a package for the Mayor when they encountered 3 green skin large creatures, also known as Trolls and an Ettin, a two head Giant. Odin the magic user was throwing fire like there was no tomorrow (well a number of fire spells were cast) and Rangrim was smashing the knee caps of the trolls in a nice fashion. Shortly after, they were joined by a Paladin and Warden and soon made quick work of the trolls.

The Ettin however kept pushing the poor paladin away from itself as he doesn’t like the company but soon feel victim to Rangirm’s hammer. As some very quick introductions, (don’t think they actually told each other there names) the 4 of them went on to Moonstair.

Before they could get to town however, they saw a very disturbing site. A horse was being torn apart limb for limb by a group of trolls (well normally disturbing, but Odin and Rangrim saw a good feast approaching). And so more fire was unleashed and more knee caps were broken, and divine power went through Reggie’s blade and delivered a might blow. An Oni Mage however spoiled their fun. But Tor and Reggie soon engaged this creature and the Oni Mage soon fled as quickly as it appear.

Loosing there commander, the remain trolls ran very quickly from the group, well on did, the others just simply disappeared into a big wall of fire (ouch). After the flames died down, next to the horse was a badly wounded messenger. Rangrim quickly healed him and for thanks, the messenger offered to take the party to Moonstair via a short-cut he knows through a wood area. Odin and Rangirm ask if they have to go through the woodlands to which the messenger replied “we can go through the mountain range but that a three day shortcut”. Not really a shortcut at all. Reggie and Rangrim were a bit unsure of the messenger, but decide to follow him anyway.

Divine Master Yalper Hataccer


Hedron mrmc2

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