The Stirrings of Evil

The Legend of the Trollhunt

Day 1

After following the messenger for about an hour or so, Ringram started to feel very uneasy. The Messenger made a sinister laugh before suddenly disappearing. The party was ambushed by some monsters, but Odin and Tor lead a good offensive ending in their victory.

A scouting party from Moonstair escorted the party back to the village and Tor was united with his Uncle Flint. Reggie and Tor spent the night with Flint while Odin and Rangrim spent the night at the Inn

Day 2

After meeting up at the Inn the party encountered a Dragonborn soldier named Bex whom survived an encounter with the Troll King. After giving them as much information as possible, Bex agreed to train the town guard. The party then spoke to the Mayor, who gave Odin some gold for delivering a package for her. The Mayor have told the group that she can provide transport to the closet ruins.

After being drop off, the part got to the ruins of Bavak just before nightfall. While exploring the ruins the group were ambushed by a Medusa and a couple of Grimlocks. Tor and Rangrim fought against the Grimlocks, but was struggling to hit them. Reggie was being occupied by another creature, which Rangrim finally felled with a mighty swing of his hammer. However the Medusa was causing problems for everyone, including Odin, who was suffering from hails of arrows (most were missing, but the ones that hit casued a couple of problems). The group was fairing well, until the unthinkable happened. The Medusa used its gaze attack which hit Reggie a number of times, but Reggie resist the effects quite well. After seeing that Reggie was a tough nut, the Medusa tried her luck against Rangirm, who unfortunately was turned to stone. Typical of Rangrim though, he was able to strike his favorite pose before completely turning to stone.

The Medusa quite pleased with herself forgot all about Odin. Meanwhile, Tor and Reggie killed one of the Grimlocks and badly wounded the other. Odin was very pissed at the Medusa, grappled with her via a very icy hand and soon fell. Before dying, the Meduse stuck again, turning Reggie to stone. Odin, with his quick thinking skills, opened a portal to Therund and the party went though.

As a lot happened at this point, I am just going to summarize everything. Reggie was returned to her former self, Rangrim could not be brought back, the party met with the Baron and informed him of the fate of his son. The Baron agreed to outfit the towns guard as best he could, provided transport back to the ruins of Bavak, and suggest to return to Moonstair and find his older brother’s daughter’s friend whose roommate is a bard and give him a letter asking him to assist the party.

What fate now awaits the party as they travel back to Moonstair? Only time will tell

Divine Master Yalper Hataccer


Hedron mrmc2

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