+1 lightning battleaxe

A axe sheathed in crackling energy

weapon (melee)

Found on a table in the Chamber of Eyes, this axe crackles with untapped power.

Military Melee
Prof: +2
Damage: 1d10
Value: 1,000 crowns
Enhancment Bonus: +1
Critical: +1d6 lightning damage on a critical hit

Damage Shift
Weapon Power
The blade of the axe becomes barely visible under a cloud of electrical energy
Free Action

All damage done by the axe is electricity damage. A second free action returns it to normal

Crackling Burst
Weapon Power
Electricity arcs from the axe blade to strike nearby foes
Free Action
When you hit with this weapon, you command it to unleash electricity on the target and it's allies within two squares, dealing 1d6 lightning damage


+1 lightning battleaxe

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