Important People Met

Important people met around the world

Alina, High Solar of Pelor
Personally met
The highest ranked Pelorite in Fellwood, Alina is a human woman of medium height and build, with close cropped blonde hair, dark eyes and bronzed skin. Whilst inside the Shrine, she wears long white robes with the Sun of Pelor emblazoned on the front, and while walking the town, she dresses in pale, almost white leather, again with the Sun of Pelor on the front, and depending on where in the town she is going, will often carry a mace as well.

Arackgar, dark dragonborn
Personally met
A dark skinned dragonborn, with a hideous wound across his mouth that has amputated his nose, he is related to Samash, though he betrayed Samash and his clan for an unknown reason for unknown rewards. Currently has possession of the Sle’Rethi Fard’i, the ancient heirloom of Samash’s and Arackgar’s clan.

Personally met
The owner of Westbush’s Grand Shoppe, he supplies most travelers to the town with fresh supplies for the road. Bairwin himself is a half-elf, and he and his family make up all of the half-elven population of the village.

Hadgar the Uniter, First King of Jegras
Historical figure
Not much is known about the early years of Hadgar’s life, except he was born to a clan living in the southern part of what is now Jegras some 800 years ago. When he was in his early twenties, he began a campaign north, defeating and uniting the rival clans nearby, in order to have a host to take on and kill a great threat. Very little has survived of what this threat was, but dragons and death/demon cults were involved, leading to the formation of the Ordo Solaris. Upon his death, around 770 years ago, Jegras had grown to it’s current size, with several thousand residents.

Rumor 1: Day 4, a note found in a cave
A worshiper of Orcus, he seems to be stirring up trouble in Westbush.
Encountered: Day 8
A human male in close fitting scale armor, his pale flesh and gaunt cheeks fail to hide his powerful physique.
Killed: Day 8
The final blow dealt by Morrowind, and his body dragged into a rift by the Thing in the Portal

Murklemor Grimmerzhul
Rumor 1: Day 11, note found in the Chamber of Eyes
A high ranking duegar, offering 1,000 crowns for slaves.
Rumor 2: Day 12, note found in Kedhira Grimmerzhul’s desk
Murklemor ordering Kedhira to aquire more provisions for the merchandise.

Old Eli
Personally met
Every town has one, and Westbush is no exception. Old Eli is the oldest human resident, and apart from the elven farm down the road, he is the oldest person in the village. Eli dresses in simple work clothes, though his back stops him from working, and he always has a story or two about the area.

Seran Esdrak, Knight of Jegras
Personally met
The ruler of the village Westbush, Sir Esdrak is a unassuming human in his mid-thirties. He is tall, of medium build, and has dark features. He always dresses in good quality clothing, although always in common colors, and a visitor to Westbush who sees him in the Ancient Coin may mistake him for a fairly well off trader. He us well spoken, and expects respect from any who talk to him, but always respects guests to his village until they prove themselves untrustworthy.

Valdath, Magi of Jegras
Personally met
A member Jegras’ Mages Guild, Valdath is a old half-elf in his mid-sixties, who has chosen Westbush as his home now that he is beyond the rigors of full spell battles, serves as one of Sir Esdrak’s closest advisors. He has long grey hair and a closely cropped beard, and appears to enjoy a good joke, judging by the lines on his weathered face. He always wears brown robes, and when he is serving in his capacity as a Seer, he wears his chain of office, a gold chain with a golden lightning bolt medallion. As a Seer, he often has minor ritual books and scrolls for sale, though he rarely offers this service to non-residents of Westbush.

Important People Met

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