Background and History

The country of Jegras lies in the north eastern part of Liand, it’s southern border the Iron Ranges, and it’s eastern the Azura River. Much of the country was inhabited by separate clans, each controlling the area around it’s villages, until 800 years ago. Hadgar the Uniter, a extremely strong and charismatic man, began to unite the clans to fight off ever increasing numbers of undead and Orcus cults. Starting in the south, near his home village of Morwynne, he carved a path northward, uniting clans as he went, until he reached the location of one of largest temples of Orcus. There, along with several close companions, he slew much of the priesthood and destroyed the temple. Knowing his work was not done, he built his palace, Falconbarrow, above the ruins, near the Snowcaps in the north of Jegras, in order to guard against the cult’s return. Once he had built his castle and entrenched his rule over the people, he continued on his path of conquering, eventually bringing all the lands between the West Sea and the Azura River, and the Iron Ranges to the Sea of Storms under his rule.

After doing so, he returned to Falconbarrow, bestowed honors upon his companions, Yidar the Mighty (who founded Fellwood), Esdrak the Swift (who founded Westbush) and Farangar the Wise (founder of Sagelake). In 8 UY (United Year), Hadgar established the Ordo Solaris, to complete the removal of Orcus cults from his lands. The Ordo built many keeps on particularly dangerous cult temple sites, however, with the societies recent decline, several of these have fallen into ruin. There was peace in Jegras for a decade, until 18 UY, when the Empire of Kon, seeing the stability of the cult free country, tried to add it to is already large lands. Luckily, due to the lack of routes into Jegras from the Emipire, Hadgar was able to hold of them off for many years, until the Emperor of Kon died in 23 UY, throwing the Empire into chaos for many years. The Empire have always tried to take Jegras, though with the well-manned forts along the Azura, they have always failed. The Empire has not tried to invade since 500 UY (or so), which has meant a good portion of the border forts have fallen into disrepair. Unfortunately, the Empire has seen this as an opportune time to invade, drawing the majority of the Jegras military east to rebuild the Azura Forts.

With fewer guardsmen in the west, monster and bandit activity has increased, leading to a disruption of trade with Hindar, and straining the resources of the current King, Leondar.

People and Trade

Jegras is a highly fertile land, with each harvest bringing in huge crops, which is traded through Morwynne to Hindar for rare spices and gemstones. Much of the population of Jegras is human, although there are several dwarf clans living in the Iron Ranges, and a small town of elves, Vertlyn, at the eastern edge of the Green Mountains. Since the destruction of Septobush, few eladrin are seen anymore in the eastern parts of the country, although with the Feygate rebuilt, more are being seen in Corborough and Fellwood. The dragonborn, few in number, reside in Dragonford, in the Iron Ranges, keeping mostly to themselves, although with the Empire encroaching into Jegras, the majority off them have left the town, either for the Azura Forts seeking glory in war, others west, seeking something.

The currency of Jegras is mostly in three denominations, Gold Crowns, Silver Nobles and Copper Pennies, with most of the markets using Nobles or Pennies.

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