Global Organisations

The Artificers

No one knows how long the Artificers have been active in the world, but they often have access to esoteric knowledge. Apart from a manor in a countries capital, very little is known about the Artificers, although most agree that whenever a Artificer openly reveals himself, great changes and epic deeds are not too far off.

Jegran Organisations

The Ordo Solaris

The Order of the Holy Sun (Ordo Solaris in the old tongue), was founded in the early days of Hadgar the Uniter’s reign. The Ordo, originally founded as a branch of the Church of Pelor, was created to help Hadgar root out and destroy any cults, chiefly those of Orcus and Vecna that were rife in Jegras. The Ordo enjoyed success for many years, destroying many such cults. However, in the last century, few such cults are being discovered, and the number of Jegrans wishing to join the Ordo get fewer every year, as the Ordo’s focus has steadily shifted to that of law enforcement.
Members of the Ordo Solaris are usually paladins or avengers, and all wear a distinctive uniform of highly polished heavy armor, with shields bearing a pair of crossed swords beneath the Sun of Pelor.


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