Fellwood is the last settlement along the Jennu Niarhaanin (Great River), and is a fair-sized town.
Like much of Jegras, the residents are mainly human and elf, although in recent years, eladrin are being seen more in the town, looking for supplies and labor to rebuild Septobush after the red dragon Sventsorggviresh burned the town to the ground 20 years ago.

The town and the surrounding lands are ruled over by Duke Gastrom Yidar, whose ancestor was one of Hadgar the Uniter’s generals, making the Duke of of King Leondar’s strongest supporters, and a close friend.

Much of the traffic coming into Fellwood from the south are the trade caravans from Morwynne, bearing the goods of Hindar, which are sorted here, then either sent up the Jennu Niarhaanin on barges to Corborough and Falconreach, or packed into smaller carts to be sent to the eastern parts of the country.

Surprisingly, though Fellwood is a centre for trade, with almost anything available if you know who to talk to, the town maintains a competent town guard, known as the Watch, as well as a volunteer milita that can triple the ranks of the towns defenders in times of crisis.

Notable people and locations

  • The Dwarves Beard: A tavern that boasts “the best mead above ground”, and given the number of dwarven patrons the tavern attracts, the claim cannot be far wrong.
  • Ragnar’s Staple and Horn: One of Fellwoods many Inns, Ragnar’s is an up-market establishment, boasting twenty individual rooms, each with feather mattresses and old oak furniture. The food served here is of the best quality, and door guards prevent anyone too “road-worn” from entry into the restaurant part of the building until they clean up.
  • Meimeli’s Arcane Implements: Meimeli’s shop is a well stocked haven for the arcane, she carries large supplies of components, and several minor ritual scrolls and books, and on request, she can often locate more complex rituals, though this service she reserves only for those customers that have done some service for her, whether it’s gifting her a rare tome or retrieving some item for her.
  • Temple of Kord: Stormmaster Kelgor is the high priest of the faithful in Fellwood, and can be seen about the town frequently, whether it’s playing cards in Ragnar’s, or training with the watch, he is always happy to talk to people about the ways of Kord, and provides several healing rituals to those that need it for almost cost price.
  • Temple of Avandra: Trademistress Mara ministers the small, but growing, number Avandras’ faithful from the back of a sturdy wagon that is pitched in differing places each day of the week. While she doesn’t provide any services normally associated with temples, Mara knows most of the merchants in Fellwood, so she often puts people in contact with the person most likely to be of help
  • The Hammer: Fellwood’s most well known smithy, Tharnak Hillstride runs the Hammer well and forges some of the best arms outside of the Iron Ranges. The Hammer, staffed by several smiths, offers the occasional magic blade or armor for sale, and if Tharnak can be convinced, it is rumored that he knows the secret to crafting forgemail.
  • Wendals’ Outfitters: Wendals’ is a large shop near the eastern gate of Fellwood, and supplies travellers with anything they may need on the road, from rope to rations to tents. He also, on occasion, has a few mounts for sale, though they are usually retired carthorses and ponies.
  • The Shrine of Pelor: The Shrine is administered by High Solar Alina, and has a pair of marble statues of Pelor flanking the Shrine’s entrance.


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